Complete Health Primary Care offers individual counseling for a variety of issues. Typically, the process will include an initial session where the therapist will gather information about the patient’s past, current difficulties, history of alcohol or substance use, previous attempts at therapy, as well as the client’s current goals. The process may take several sessions, depending on how complex the patient’s problems. During the first session, several forms must be completed, such as a consent to treat, rights and responsibility, HIPPA guidelines, and a brief demographic questionnaire. Additionally, the therapist will discuss a therapy plan, detailing which methodology is most appropriate with the given information.

Therapy sessions are individualized based on the client’s needs, and the pace is determined based on progress. Strategies and skills learned in therapy are especially useful when transferred to daily life.

Additionally, with issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, it has been documented that the best approach is to utilize the combination of medications and therapy for a more complete and sustainable recovery.

Complete Health Primary Care looks forward to helping you begin the journey to recovery and personal fulfillment. To schedule an appointment, call 401-259-0340 or fill out our contact form.