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Primary Care

At Complete Health Primary Care, primary care is at the core of what we do. Our primary care providers are devoted to delivering comprehensive healthcare to the community through Preventative, Internal, Family and Integrative Medicine. The primary care providers at Complete health Primary care go the extra mile to educate you and to promote and encourage good health and wellness practices. Our simple goal — to help get you, and keep you, healthy. Some important features of our primary care Practice are,

Quick appointments Work or school Physicals Diabetes management and care

Recently, Complete Health Primary Care has expanded to a family medicine model, serving adults across Rhode Island. We provide primary healthcare, preventative medicine, education, and supportive services for all individuals. Our specialized services include, Primary Care services, Mental health, and more. Accepting new patients, call for an appointment today, 401-859-0134 or fill out or simple contact form.

Generally, primary care includes:

Physical Exams, Immunizations, Disease and Cancer Screenings, Reproductive Care, Cold & Flu, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes and Hypertension, Prescriptions and Specialty Equipment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Medical Conditions.

Preventative Care

Each year, millions of Americans suffer from preventable illnesses. It is recommended that you visit your primary care provider for routine check-ups and annual physical examinations to discuss healthy lifestyle habits, detect disease risk, and evaluate your overall health. Preventative care consists of medical services, like disease and cancer screenings, flu shots, physical examinations, and immunizations, which protect against disease and keep you healthy. Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy life and maintaining a healthy life is key to reducing the risk for disease and other medical conditions.

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